Do you have a showroom?

A selection of Akron Street products are on display at Brooklinen locations nationwide.

Where are your products made?

We source our hardwood from sustainable forests in North America. We work closely with a small group of expert manufacturing partners in Turkey, Bosnia, Vietnam, and southeast China.

Do you do custom orders?

We don't do custom orders, but we take customer feedback into account when designing new products. Please send your requests to hello@akronstreet.com—we'll keep these in mind for future shipments.

Do you plan to have any sales?

We believe in fair and simple pricing. As such, we do not hold sales.

Do you have a trade program for design professionals?

Yes, please fill out our Trade Application to join.

I'm in New York. Can I pick-up my order?

All orders ship free from our Tennessee warehouse. We do not carry stock in New York.

When will my order ship?

Please check the stock note on the product page for lead times.Pre-ordered items ship as soon as they are available. We do our best to provide accurate shipping estimates, but please bear in mind that delays do happen. You can find the latest updates on the product page.All orders ship via Fedex Ground and take about 2-5 business days to deliver in the US. Orders to Canada will take longer.

What is your return policy?

You can return or exchange an item within 30 days of delivery. Learn more in our Shipping & Returns page

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